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Distraction Can Be Your Child’s Best Friend

Have you ever tried to do the "honesty about everything" with small children? How did it go for you? Did your four-year-old understand Santa or the details about where babies come from? It may go well, but usually doesn't. Child development varies so much from year to year during those early years so we have no know what they will and won't understand.

So why would you try to explain "everything" the dentist is planning on doing to them during treatment?

I had a friend who brought his young son in to see me. Our families knew each other outside of the dentist/patient relationship. The dad would tell his son, "Now Paul's just going to stick a little needle in your mouth and it will only sting for a few seconds and then it will all be over."

With a dirty look/glare from me that would stop most parents in their tracks, my friend just kept on and on about "drilling a little hole in your tooth" or whatever it is we were doing that day. Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY?

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Broken Jaw Close Call

I have two stories for you about long-term dental disasters and their implications.

The first is about a rescue after family spent $40,000 on what they thought was proper treatment. Can you imagine that?

The second disaster was, thankfully, prevented by a very wise general dentist who spoke up against the intended treatment of a specialist oral surgeon.

Having a certain type of degree doesn't grant greater wisdom. It just means that dentist or specialist passed the exams necessary to receive the degree. The dentist who graduated at the very bottom of their class still has the title of... doctor.

Use wise judgment. Ask around. Don't ever put any dentist on a pedestal. In the video I give you some ideas on how to know you've got the right dentist treating your child. Take a look...​

The Basics of Hygiene – Part 4 – Tongue Scrapers

Tongue Scraping

It seems like tongue scrapers are never seen on commercials, but they're readily available. Have you ever used one on your child?

To continue The Basics of Hygiene series, I wanted to make sure we discussed these.

Luffa for your tongue, anyone?​


The Basics of Hygiene – Part 3 – Floss

Floss samples

In August 2016 there were news stories everywhere that said flossing wasn't "proven" to prevent cavities and gum disease. Did you read one of those? Did you believe it?

​Thanks to a great question about preventing floss shredding from a REAL MOM, the answer ended up as part of this The Basics of Hygiene series.

​To floss or not to floss. That is now questionable? Take a look and form your own opinion.

The Basics of Hygiene – Part 2 – Toothbrushes

Toothbrush options

REAL MOM, Nancy, asked a question about how to brush teeth more effectively. This led to Part 2 of the Basics of Hygiene series.

​The type of toothbrush and technique used determine whether your child will have super-healthy teeth and gums or whether they'll have regrets for years to come.

​Take a peek and see what you think. 

The Basics of Hygiene – Part 1 – Toothpaste

Toothpaste options

Thanks to a great question from a REAL DAD, and questions from other REAL MOMS, I've put together some ideas you might not have heard before about keeping your child's mouth clean and healthy.

​The biggest rule of the game is:

"​Get the plaque off and keep the plaque off, but don't do any damage in the process."

See what you think of these toothpaste ideas. There are ideas you've probably never considered.​

The Cure For Fuzzy Teeth

Plaque gingivitis fuzzy teeth

The past week my teeth have felt extra fuzzy, several times a day, just a couple of hours after I brush. I MEAN REALLY FUZZY! What’s up with that? Why now? Why just this past week the extra fuzzy feeling?

​Let me explain about my sudden change in my mouth, but also how the lessons learned will pertain to your kids.

​Remember how your teeth feel right after you’ve been to the dentist or hygienist to get your teeth cleaned? Remember that smooth, almost squeaky clean feeling? (My teeth feel that way every day because a dentist cleans my teeth every day … (hee hee).

​Remember how over time, even just a couple of hours after visiting the dentist, your teeth feel less squeaky clean and, given enough time, they actually start to feel fuzzy? Some people refer to them as furry teeth. Most mornings we wake up with our teeth feeling like that.

A friend of mine in high school called that morning mouth feeling "The Zackly's." He said it was "When your mouth feels zackly like the bottom of a bird cage." Eeeewwww!

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Is Fluoride Good or Bad for Kids? – Part 2

The Lancet Online

This question is so important, and so many moms get swayed by scary headlines and memes, that I wanted to help get to the truth. If you haven't seen Part 1 yet, please click here to watch that first.

​Most of the scary ideas center around fluoride being a "neurotoxin" and those headlines are based on one particular research paper in "The Lancet" medical journal.

​Would you be surprised if all of that was based on fluoride getting recognition in only one small paragraph of that huge article? In the following video let's examine what makes these scary headlines about fluoride so scary.