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Is Fluoride Good or Bad for Kids? – Part 1


REAL MOM, Emily, asked if fluoride was good or bad for kids, having heard both sides of the story. She wanted to know what I thought. First of all, I think it's a GREAT question.

​Some people think fluoride is a great help to create healthy teeth (it really is). Then why do others think it's so toxic it should be avoided like the plague? It's a topic with several points of view. In this video I'll try and make sense of it for you and how knowing the truth about fluoride can help your family.

​FYI, they left out a HUGE piece of the puzzle in the misquoted headline below. Find out what it is.

Why Does Only One of My Children Have Dental Problems?

In this Q & A, REAL MOM Julie, who has four children, asks why only one of her children seems to struggle with dental problems.

The answers are relevant to every REAL MOM.

​Learn why only some of your children may have serious dental challenges, while others seem fortunate.

Would you consider having a root canal on your child's a baby tooth if it was the best option? WATCH.

Braces to Prevent Damage and Not Just to Straighten Teeth

Many people think braces are simply to straighten teeth. Orthodontics means "straight teeth."

However, some children have very straight teeth that are unfortunately arranged in a way that will damage them. Sometimes the damage is mild and can be tolerated, but more often than not, damage to teeth from poor arrangement can be horrendous and badly affect a child for the rest of their life. 

Don't let that be your child.​

Here's a video example about what to do if this describes your child.​

Different Types of Cavities Require Different Types of Prevention

All cavities are not the same, even though how they occur may be similar. Learning about the 3 major types of cavities will help you prevent major cavity problems for your child.

​Two of the three types are almost completely preventable with brushing and flossing, but those two activities won't even touch the third type. Did your child's dentist explain the difference?

Make Dental Treatment as Enjoyable as Possible

The secret to successful children's dental care is to make it as enjoyable as possible? 

Dentist? Enjoyable? Do those two words even belong next to each other?

Here a little video about my childhood dental experiences that can make your child's dental experiences great.

Just watch and enjoy the video.​