Real Mom's Dental Pocket Guide: CAVITIES

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About this pocket guide

Everything a Real Mom needs to know about preventing cavities, as well as what to do if a cavity happens. Learn all the relevant factors to prevent dental cavity disasters for your children.

Cavities: Chapter 1

Stories to live by. Two Real Moms with children getting exact opposite results because of what each Real Mom knew.

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Cavities: Chapter 2

Your teeth are like a bank account (for minerals). Learn how to keep a positive balance.

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Cavities: Chapter 3

The 30-Minute Nightmare. This is the most crucial piece of the whole puzzle for preventing cavities. It's what made the difference between the horrible results Carol got versus the incredibly great results Marti achieved for her children.

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Cavities: Chapter 4

The difference this knowledge made to Carol's and Marti's kids. When you know how cavities work, you can use those facts to your advantage.

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Cavities: Chapter 5

What this means for you and your kids. Putting things together.

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Cavities: Chapter 6

Fluoride - Friend or Foe? There are a lot of rumors and partial truths out there about fluoride. There are even some flat out lies. Learn the relevant factors about fluoride to have optimal health in your child's teeth and their body.

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Cavities: Chapter 7

Types of cavities. They're not all the same. They don't have the same risks or prevention factors.

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Cavities: Chapter 8

Dental sealants aren't what they're cracked up to be. They crack easily. They leak easily. They make it difficult for a dentist to see cavities that form beneath them. There's something better than sealants for preventing cavities in pits and grooves of your child's teeth.

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Cavities: Chapter 9

Fillings. Big fillings versus little fillings and why it matters. Silver fillings versus various types of tooth-colored fillings. Learn the factors that matter before you let a dentist put a filling in your child's tooth.

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Cavities: Chapter 10

Why do teeth sometimes hurt after a filling? Did the dentist do something wrong? Maybe. Maybe not. Learn the difference between normal post-operative sensitivity versus when something is really wrong.

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Cavities: Appendix A

Questions to ask your child's dentist. Be prepared. Be informed. It will allow you to have a very meaningful conversation with your child's dentist.

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Cavities: Appendix B

Repairing second molar damage due to impacted wisdom teeth. This doesn't apply to every child, but if yours gets a cavity in the root of a second molar because of an impacted wisdom tooth behind, you're going to want to know this tooth-saving method of repair.

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